COVID-19 Update 26 November 2020

Dear brothers and sisters at Reservoir Presbyterian Church,
Things continue to open up, by God’s mercy, and so we plan to meet in the following ways:

From Monday 23 November

We will continue to run our live-stream at 10am every Sunday. There will be no livestream for the 5pm service.
We can have up to 34 people (plus the preacher) in the church building, plus 25 people (and a leader) in the church hall. Children under 12 months old do not count towards this total.
If you would like to attend the morning service, please contact Dean.
The evening service should hold everyone as the total is 59 across the church and hall. If we exceed this number we will advise them of the livestream and facilitate it.

STA has resumed for up to 25 people (no food or drink will be served). If you’d like to attend please contact Doug.
Playgroup has resumed for up to 20 people meeting inside. If you’d like to come, please contact Suzy.
English Classes have resumed, with up to 25 people able to attend. If you’d like to attend, please contact Lois.

At all church events, we will follow these COVIDSafe principles:
* If you have any COVID symptoms, or are in quarantine, you must stay home.
* If you attend an event on the church property, you must sign-in and sign-out, using either the clipboard in the foyer or the electronic form accessible by the QR code in the foyer.
* When you sit, please ensure that you leave 1.5m distance from others (unless you’re from the same household).
* After any use of the buildings, surfaces and doorhandles must be wiped down.
* Everyone must continue to wear a mask, except when leading from the front.
* Any religious gathering must not go for more than 90 minutes.

From Sunday 6 December

We are aiming to begin morning services at 9am and 11am (to replace the 10am service), BUT it is not certain when we will actually do so. It could be 13 or 20 December, or…
We will give you as much notice as we can when the decision is made.
When we move to 2 morning services we will continue the live stream at 11am.
The Lord’s Supper will be offered over consecutive Sundays, but only to those physically present at church (e.g. Not those watching on the live stream).
The evening service at 5pm will continue as normal regardless of any changes to the morning service.
Again, we will provide a further update on this next week.

Please be patient with each other during this time of transition. We will be trialling some new things, and may have to make slight changes from week to week.

Psalm 35:18 “I will give you thanks in the great assembly; among the throngs I will praise you.”

In Christ,
The Session of Reservoir Presbyterian Church

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Update 26 November 2020

  1. Emily Duke

    thoughts/plans for Christmas yet? Carols?

    • Reservoir Presbyterian Church

      Hi Em,yes that’s the plan! We’ve now got a Carols page up – here.

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