Our Beliefs

In brief:

We believe that God sent his Son to die and be raised for sinners and offer eternal life through the Holy Spirit. Repent and believe this good news and you will be saved!


In particular:

“Reservoir Presbyterian Church” also known as “St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Reservoir” is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, which means that we have a detailed doctrinal statement.  This statement says that our supreme standard, (the thing we get our doctrine from) is the Word of God (the Bible). Our “subordinate standard” (our common understanding of what the Scriptures teach) is a Reformed Evangelical document called the “Westminster Confession of Faith” read in the light of a “Declaratory Statement.” These doctrinal statements are designed to safeguard what the church leadership believes and teaches. Church members are not compelled to believe all the details of these statements; the beliefs expected of church members are more along the lines of the Apostles’ Creed.

Our Mission

Our Ministry Team

At present we are searching for a new full-time minister, following the ten-year ministry of Rev Andrew Vines. Our Interim-Moderator, appointed by the Presbytery to guide us through this process is Rev Peter Hastie, Principal of Presbyterian Theological College Melbourne.

We  have seven elders elected by the congregation: David Cox (Session Clerk), Reg Butcher, Steve Harris, Isaac Evans, Jeffrey Harris, Rohan William and Mervyn Christian.

The elders are assisted by two deacons: Lois Cox and Diane Brownley. They assist in caring for the poor, the sick and the lonely.

Our Story


RPC’s Ministers


In addition to the above timeline, mentioned below are Reservoir PC’s ministers, both past and present:

1952 – 1957 Rev John Rainsbury [First Inducted Minister]
1958 – 1967 Rev Hilton White
1967 – 1976 Rev Edgar Johnston
1977 – 1982 Rev Graham Lyman
1984 – 1994 Rev John Wilson
1996 – 1997 Rev David Capill
1998 – 2002 Rev Chris Siriweera
2004 – 2009 Rev Ross Tucker
2013 -2024 Rev Andrew Vines
2019 – 2023 Rev Dean Carroll [Associate Minister]

Celebrating 75 Years of God’s Grace

This book was first produced at the 75 year anniversary of our church, and re-issued as an ebook for our centenary celebration in 2018.


Click here to download a copy.


Celebrating 100 Years of God’s Grace

This book was put together at the church’s centenary in 2018 by the members of the church.


Click here to download a copy.