COVID-19 Update: 19 June 2020

Hello friends,

By God’s mercy, Victoria continues to slowly ease coronavirus restrictions. As a church we have a 3-step response planned.

We are currently at Step 2 which means:

  • Most people continue to join Sunday services online.
  • The church is open to up to 20 people (pre-arranged), plus those on the roster.
  • A record of first name and phone number of attendees is being kept.
  • We are issuing invitations by phone to people on our pastoral roll to attend.
  • We have resumed most church rosters (except morning tea / dinner).
  • Small groups have permission to recommence face-to-face. **(Update 20 June: follow a further announcement from the Victorian government, small group leaders should ensure that until July 13, no more than 5 visitors are present if the group is held in a home).
  • Playgroup has recommenced (maximum 20 people).
  • STA Welcome Centre has recommenced.
  • English Classes are planning to recommence at the beginning of term 3.
  • We are not preparing any food on the church premises, but food which has been purchased may be served, providing the serving is done by someone with a food handling certificate. Drink may be served in disposable cups.

From 19th July, we plan to move to step 3. This will involve:

  • Running services at 9am, 11am and 5pm.
  • Re-starting Kids’ Church at the 11am service.
  • We plan to only operate the live stream at the 11am service. This is for those with health conditions, who need to stay home.
  • We’ll open the church to the public, but only admit 34 people into the main church building, 16 people in the halls (kids church/main hall). By keeping to these limits, we follow the current requirement of gathering no more than 50 people, as well as no more than 1 person per 4m².
  • We hope to re-start the morning tea rosters.

More details to follow.

Please continue to pray that the virus will be contained in our community, that we will be able to gather joyfully, and that we can introduce newcomers to Christ.

Warm regards,

Andrew Vines