COVID-19 Update: 10 July 2020

Dear people of God at Reservoir Presbyterian Church,

For at least the next six weeks, it has become necessary for us to stay at home again. This is no doubt frustrating for many of you, but we recognise that staying home is good for the safety of our society. We remember the apostle Paul’s words: “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” (Philippians 1:27) What do the current restrictions mean for us as a church?

Session met on 9th July and decided on the following:

Church is Online-Only from 12 July 2020:

  • We will continue to run our live-stream at 10am and 5pm every Sunday.
    • Unfortunately nobody is allowed in the building, (except those running the live-stream).
    • Kids church will take place over Zoom for term 3. Details will be sent to the parents of those in primary school.
  • All rosters are cancelled, (except where possible, we will involve bible readers and pray-ers by arrangement).
  • Small groups will return to online-only, (each group can decide on the most suitable format).
  • Weekly activities (STA, Playgroup, English Classes), if they run, will be online-only.

How Can we Continue to Love During this Time?

  • We’ve had some practise in this! Let’s continue to use the phone (voice or text messages) to remain in contact with one another. Pay first attention to those in your small group, as well as those you know who are not in a small group. Let’s continue to ask questions like:
    • How is your study / employment / home life?
    • What the biggest challenge you are facing this week?
    • What has God been teaching you about the gospel recently?
  • We have a team of Deacons, who coordinate practical acts of mercy in our congregation. If you get in touch via our contact form, the Deacons can make needs known to our congregation (and it can be kept anonymous if you want).
  • Of course, let our love also spill out to our neighbours and friends, as we look out for their needs, as we look for opportunities to share the message of life with them, as we invite them to join our live-streamed services.

Conclusion: Another Season of Prayer

This will be a time where there are so many limits on what WE can do. But God is not limited in what HE can do. And so, let’s focus our energies on regular prayer for our own growth in Christlikeness, for our growth as a church community that expresses the love of Christ, and for the well-being of those who live in our State of Victoria.

In Christ,

The Session of Reservoir Presbyterian Church