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In brief:

We believe that God sent his Son to die and be raised for sinners and offer eternal life through the Holy Spirit. Repent and believe this good news and you will be saved!

In particular:

We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, which means that we have a detailed doctrinal statement.  This statement says that our supreme standard, (the thing we get our doctrine from) is the Word of God (the Bible). Our "subordinate standard" (our common understanding of what the Scriptures teach) is a document called the "Westminster Confession of Faith" read in the light of a "Declaratory Statement." These doctrinal statements are designed to safeguard what the church leadership believes and teaches. Church members are not compelled to believe all the details of these statements; the beliefs expected of church members are more along the lines of the Apostles' Creed.

Other tidbits:

Sometimes labels are helpful in identifying what we believe, (sometimes they can be misused!). Insofar as labels are helpful, we are not ashamed to call ourselves: Christian, Protestant, Reformed, Evangelical and Calvinist.

From time to time our denomination gives opinions on current theological debates, the most recent is a report from the Presbyterian Church of Victoria on an issue called "The Federal Vision," click here to read it.

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